Life’s Gift from God My Story – Part 1 of 2

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Faraway lands where once I lived my life
So calm so quiet between the trees I sat  
Gush! of the wind tingled the leaves 
Lingering leaves, with stillness around
I recall that day as it was almost gone

My anxiety my worry kept lingering on
What will I do if I failed my exams
I wanted to study and be able to travel
Dreams of  travels I wanted so much
Dreams been there for so very long

Down the Valley, up above the land I saw
Friends cycling towards my home so fast
My heart missed beats so many I guess
My hands trembled and I began to wonder
I lost my breath as they neared my home

 They called my name ….
I was stunned! And I could not answer
Anguish, worry my heart pumped so fast
Oh! God I prayed! But still could not talk
I want to pass and not fail please God!

 From the trees flew a little red bird
Sat on the branch of a tree next to me
I held my breath  for a moment or two
I  asked the bird can you help me please
Things I did was so very funny I know
How could the bird know what I want!
My life my fate or world I want to explore

OK! Bird come towards me
if I got what I really want!
Go away! And leave me alone
If that’s the type of fate I have
Suddenly! Bird flew above my head
I looked up; it sat on a branch so high

Above my head looking down at me
Oh Lord I said I think now I know!
With courage, slowly I answered the call
Hey! Friends I said look below the valley
Here I sat whole day long ….
Waiting for answer from God …

To be continued …. Part Two of my story to tell.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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