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Transit Visa
All transit visas can be obtained from consulates or embassies of each country, information available at visa department centers in embassies. Types of visas, a single-entry visa, a multiple-entry visa, student visa, temporary work visa, temporary resident visa it depends type of visa one require. Information can be obtained from consulate offices of each country.

Travelers who purchase instant electronic tickets must be very cautious and must know the all requirements prior to travel or can be denied boarding on departure points at airport. A Transit Visa does not allow travelers to pass beyond immigration check points. Connections cannot exceed 24 hours at any international airport.

About Transit Visa : UK Visa can be obtained online, be it transit or an entry from British Consulate,  Visa entry into United Arab can be obtained online or from airlines. The Schengen Countries in Europe ask for Schengen Visa. Be alert on immigration rules of each country even if you passing through on connecting flights, as most rules and regulations have changed after 911 in United States. A uniform visa application form is used by all Schengen Countries helpful links below:
Forms available in Russian, Spanish, Chinese, German, French & Dutch

List of visa requirement countries can be found on this link below:

Types of Visas: Airport Transit Visa, Group Visa, Employment Visa, Short Stay Visa, Student Visa and more.

All links above provides required information on countries that requires transit visas. Without a transit visa
travelers can be denied boarding at check in departure cities.

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