Travel Tips on Airfares and Airlines

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Travel Specials;
Check local news paper’s travel section, travel agents advertise wholesale travel specials. Travel Section you will find low advertised fares, international or domestic. Speaking with a travel agent is always helpful. They can assist with lower fares that may suit your budget and itinerary.

You may search flights on the internet; there are many online booking agencies with discounted travel.
After the research, ask your travel agent if they have better options. Most travel agents have these options. Example major airlines distribute their wholesale fares to travel agents via the following sources: –

  1. Airlines to consolidator Agents
  2. Consolidators distributes to Wholesale Agents
  3. Wholesale Agents distributes to local travel agents
  4. Agents resell to public wholesale discounts on most airlines.
  5. Ask them always – a one stop shop.
  6. Travel agencies resell to public including their service fee, providing good savings to all travelers on worldwide destinations.

    Important Travel Tips Below

  • Purchase an airline ticket on same airlines as roundtrip
  • If tickets purchased on 2 separate airlines, both must have baggage rights.
  • Make sure your luggage can be checked in up to your destination
  • Never purchase tickets, if airlines don’t have baggage rights between them.
  • You will be required to receive your luggage and recheck in again.
  • If so a problem, in foreign countries have baggage limitations.
  • You may end up paying for extra luggage per pound basis.
  • You cannot break your journey, or luggage limits may apply
  • For example from the USA is allowed 50 pounds per bag,
  • In Europe luggage limitations reduces 30 pounds per bag
  • The difference 20 pounds you will end up paying as extra luggage .
  • Always look into all requirements before you buy separate airline tickets
  • This is always your responsibility as a traveler check with Embassies
  • All Travel documents must be valid 6 months
  • Or else you will be denied boarding at the airports

    God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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