Headaches or Migraine Headaches!

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An anxiety or a panic attack is called the headache or depression can seemingly come out of nowhere. The types of headache are; Guilt headaches are of course self-induced at a subconscious level,  Anger  headaches are associated with neck and shoulder tension and Allergy headaches are conditioned responses when  food, sound, smell or scene reminds one,  at an unconscious level. The body responds in different ways to different stresses, different people respond differently to similar stresses. One may get migraines with neck and shoulder tension while another’s gets psoriasis, both caused by repressed anger.

* Magnesium: take 200 to 300 mg/day of elemental magnesium (the magnesium component of the complex) from a good magnesium supplement (not magnesium oxide) preferably on with water or juice. Take it 30 minutes before eating. After a light supper you can take the magnesium when you get up to use the bathroom during the night. You want enough magnesium to make your bowel movements easy, but not too loose.

*Epsom Salts:  (2 quarts crystals) and start with a teaspoonful, not enough to act as a laxative. Adjust upwards until stools are soft. The way some people take Epsom salts is to take a measuring spoon of the crystals in my mouth and quickly wash them down with water. They hardly taste them.

* Aloe Vera: take 2 tablespoons of aloe gel in the mornings before breakfast.
* Cumin-Coriander: one teaspoon in a cup of tea
* Ginger: boil fresh ginger or dried ginger pow­der and then inhaling the steam-is effective.
* Sun: Avoid direct sun exposure from the rising sun, when sun is rising it is hot, sharp, penetrating rays increases dilation of blood  vessels in the brain. Don’t walk or work in the sun without wear­ing a hat. A hat on your head protects and prevents from aggravating the headaches.

* Lavender Oil: a migraine attack generally brings on a sort of anxiety attack in the sufferer. If you suffer from migraine headaches and an attack begins then find the quietest, darkest spot in your home and lay down there. Take a long slow deep breath and exhale equally slowly. Use pure Lavender oil for treating migraines. Place a single drop of pure, undiluted lavender oil on each temple or behind each ear. Also place 2 or 3 drops of undiluted lavender oil on the pillow you’re going to rest on. Combined with a quiet, dark room and the deep breathing technique the lavender oil provides that final “punch” in the natural treatments. The scent of the oil will relax you and simply inhaling lavender infused air helps to ease the pain of a migraine almost immediately.

* Massage: The pressure points are located in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. Use the first two fingers and press them gradually by breathing deeply. Massage in circular motion by holding the pressure. Apply the inward pressure and breathe deeply. After reaching the deepest point, massage in circular motions, by holding the pressure. Now, release the pressure.
a) Migraine pressure points are also found on hand. One such point is located in the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze the upper portion of this migraine pressure point at least 10 times in a circular motion.
b) Migraines points are also found on the top of each foot. It is located between the big toe and the second toe. Press the point gradually and massage in circular motion by holding the pressure. Different people respond differently to these pressure points.

In extreme conditions, you can also consult a good doctor who can tell about the required precautions. The patient with migraine headaches must include good amount of green vegetables and fruits in his diet. It is recommended that you drink lots of water and juices, to detoxify the body.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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