Type of Airline Travel Ticket

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Types of airline document:
All tickets are non refundable, non changeable and penalties are involved at anytime you try to alter the flights. Check the applicable rules and restrictions prior to paying for any ticket. Try not to buy two separate tickets even if the savings are great – always buy one through ticket.

Travel documents. 
* Full fare tickets are very expensive, but the restrictions are lighter.
* Restricted bulk fare discounted ticket is non refundable, non changeable with high penalties. 
* Non Refundable:  means no cash back value. Less the penalty the balance credit can be used towards 
  the purchase of another ticket, on same airlines to any destination
* Travel must be by same passenger. No name changes allowed.
* The credit cannot be transferred to another person. 
* Credit valid for one year or the traveler can apply for extension from the airlines (if permitted)

If you purchase two separate tickets make sure there is enough connecting time between the two airlines. 
* Separate tickets hold separate restrictions and penalties. 
Be very careful if one of the flight is delayed, you may miss the connection.The airlines are not responsible.The traveler will be the looser, these restricted tickets are non refundable, non changeable and the traveler will be forced to buy a new ticket to travel (means you loose the money or pay heavy penalty)

Avoid purchasing separate tickets, even if the savings are big. Always buy one through ticket. The benefit of a through ticket, is if the airlines delays and you miss the connecting flight. It is the airline responsibility to put you on the next available flight to your destination and no penalties are involved. The airlines take care of all requirements.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas.


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