Airline Baggage Allowance and Baggage Rights

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The baggage rights
Airlines must have baggage rights between them, if no baggage rights the traveler has to receive their luggage at the connecting airport and recheck luggage to the next airline.
* Luggage Limit:  From United  States luggage limit is 2 check in Bags,  50 lbs plus 1 hand luggage 30 lbs.
* Luggage Limit: From Europe is 1 check in bag, 30 lbs plus 1 hand luggage  15 lbs. 
* Excess luggage: exceeding the limit is considered excess/extra  luggage and is charged per pound basis. 
* When receiving and rechecking luggage at any European airport the traveler will end up paying 95 lbs  extra luggage. Airline with baggage rights, the luggage is checked to the final destination without receiving at any connecting airports. 
* Airline check- in counter closes one hour before departure time. Passengers who arrive late are denied boarding for security reasons.
* Airline check their passenger manifest and to gets clearance from Homeland Security for the plane to take off.
* Passengers who are denied boarding, will end up paying penalty plus fare difference (if low fare not available)
 to travel on the next available flight. 

Avoid purchasing separate tickets, even if the savings are big. Always buy one through ticket. The benefit of a through ticket is, you can check in your luggage all the the way to your destination city. And if the airlines delays and you miss the connecting flight. It is the airline responsibility to put you on the next available flight to your destination and no penalties are involved. The airlines take care of all requirements.

At the check-in counters of each airlines, bags are measured as for the correct sizes, any limits exceeding
the 50 pounds limit is charged as extra luggage – so always be careful or you end up paying for excess luggage.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas.


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