Constipation and Gastric Stomach Ulcers

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Constipation: Delayed passing out of solid wastes through colon, resulting in irregular, infrequent, or difficult bowel movements; the longer feces stay in the colon, it absorbs more water from them, the harder they become, and the more straining is required to pass them out; the risk of faucal toxins passing into the bloodstream and affects the metabolism of the rest of the body.

* The causes are endless here, but what we need to do is make sure the toxins are removed from our body the natural way, without more chemicals with the OTC drugs. (Simple home remedies drink okra mucilage every morning before taking breakfast that is in empty stomach). The slimy mucilage collects, binds toxins in its mucilage and dumps it out through the stool.

Gastric Stomach Ulcers: stomach (gastric) ulcers can be referred to as peptic ulcers. Stomach ulcers are small raw spots in the walls of the stomach; the protective mucus coating is washed away or is eroded by acidic gastric juice and infects or damages the inner lining. Usually this affects about 40% of the stomach. Stomach ulcers can be tested from the breath. Acid-producing cells in stomach can produce too much or too little hydrochloric acid; either condition can cause Indigestions. The symptoms of a stomach ulcer are a gnawing or burning pain in the chest or upper abdomen, it lasts about 1-2 hours, Indigestion, Nausea and vomiting pain which may or may not be due to eating. Situations like this if it is left untreated it can turn into stomach cancer. To heal the ulcer spots is another remedy that can heal internal and external wounds. Turmeric and honey both carry anti fungal and anti biotic properties. (Drink a glass of hot boiled milk with a pinch of turmeric and  a tablespoon of honey before bedtime daily) Helps internal healing of the raw ulcer spots; plus turmeric has anti cancer properties too.

Cleaning our organs of all excessive fluid and toxins are very important in having a healthy stress free life. Removing these toxins the natural way is very helpful and cost free. We find these remedies I our daily foods. Eat fried foods but try to avoid excessive eating. At all times try the healthy foods that can help remove the excessive fluid and toxins out the natural way.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston


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