Have you Updated Your Message On Hold Recently?

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Are you missing out on a cheap marketing tool that can boost your sales and enhance your company image?
On hold messages are simple, effective and cost-efficient method of getting your marketing message out to your clients.  Think of an on-hold message as a form of infomercial about your business.  Instead of silence, provide your customers with an entertaining and informative message about the products and services you offer.  Your company will feel the benefit as studies conducted by major telecommunication companies suggest that approximately 20% of callers that are placed on hold will actually make purchase decisions based on what they hear while they are on hold.

But on hold messages are only effective as they are current  Messages need to be updated to keep them relevant.  Use your on hold message to inform customers about current promotions and changes in your business that may affect them.  Let them know about improvements and upgrades you’ve made to your products and services.

Businesses that don’t update thier messages are missing out on a marketing opportunity and are in danger of annoying their customers by playing them old, out of date messages.

How often a company needs to change their message will depend on the the particular needs of each company.  Some companies could benefit from a regular update each month, others will do perfectly fine with 2-3 messages each year.  Also remember to keep your recordings fresh by changing the background music as well!  When you do make a change to your on hold messages, you may want to update your current voiceover artist too.  Choose a voice that suits your company and your customers – a voice that is persuasive, clear and credible.

Written by Alison Pitman. For further information about the author and to hear her voice demos visit www.thephonevoice.com


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