Make a Fun Halloween Party Candy Bar Message Poster for Kids

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Halloween Parties are lots of fun. This is a great way to announce you are having one. It is a real eye-catcher! This is a list of ideas to use on your poster. Personalize it with times and dates, etc. too. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

  1. Step 1

          This list is just ideas to get your mind rolling for your own personalized Halloween Party Poster.

  1. Step 2

    Buy whatever candy bars or gum or candy you need to suit your story. I will give you some ideas later.

  2. Step 3

    Buy whatever color of poster board suits your story. You can also buy kits that make cool margins with stickers if you want too.

  3. Step 4

    Use a pencil to lightly draw the letters on the poster board, leaving space for the candy, so that you will know where everything goes before you make any permanent marks.

  4. Step 5

    Write the words with marker and tape the wrapped candy onto the card with double sticky scotch tape. Leave the candy in its wrapper so that the people you are displaying the poster to can eat it later.

  5. Step 6

    Halloween is coming soon!

    Here are MOUNDS of rules for a Happy Haunting—Safety is a good RIESEN.

    1. You may want to wear a NUTRAGEOUS costume that will make people SNICKERS and CHUCKLES. Some of you might want to dress up like a man from MARS or perhaps even a KIT KAT. Just be sure that you wear a costume that allows you to see clearly. Watch out for the little RUNTS.

    2. Take SMARTIES adults with you to help you cross the ROCKY ROAD. Ask your SUGAR DADDY to come along. If he does, your POP ROCKS!

    3. Be a Mr. GOODBAR and don’t act like NERDS and GOOBERS by driving people BONKERS with your TWIX. Be a little SWEETARTS and don’t forget to say, “TANGS” to the nice people.

    4. Don’t be AIRHEADS, LEMONHEADS, OR MILK DUDS—Take a flashlight to light your MILKY WAY then you won’t ROLO-ver and CRUNCH or KRACKEL yourself into 100 GRAND pieces. We want ZERO injuries and no FAST BREAKs!

    5. When you ORBIT back home with GOOD-N-PLENTY of loot, you will realize you have had a GOBSTOPPER WHOPPER PAYDAY. You will be in a state of complete SHOCK and ALMOND JOY. Before you eat your aMAZING goodies, have a BIG HUNK of an adult check your treats. They are such LIFESAVERS.

    6. SKITTLES along and have fun NOW & LATER.


    The great pumpkin (Use pumpkin candies.)

  6. Step 7

    Add your own personalized story part too, to make it more special.

  7. Step 8

    Be sure to check out my other Candy Bar Poster Story Cards in Bukisa too for more candy and sentence ideas!


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