Diabetes Medication That Changed My Life

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Results was so good the very first day itself. A sudden drop in my readings got me a little worried and I thought I was running low sugar. My diabetes meter readings were normal at 88. Prior to taking this medication my readings were 160-180. It is almost a year and my readings are still below 100. This magic pill changed my life; I enjoy my favorite meals every single day with less stress and no worries.

It is a oblong light blue pill. This pill helps and stimulates the body to release natural insulin, it helps prevent coronary heart disease, strokes, kidney disease or blindness. It also helps with circulation controls the sugar levels. I lost my left limb due to bad blood circulation in my legs and diabetes. It suddenly turned into gangrene and my foot had to be amputated before it could spread further. I keep thinking, I wish I had this medication given to me prior to my amputation. I have the right medication and am very grateful to the doctor. I take 2 diabetic medications Starlix and Glyburide – Metformin  twice a day with food and is very effective on me..

It is always advisable to talk with your doctor. I am so glad I kept asking for help and I am so thankful to the doctor who eventually did proscribe this medication that really helped me so much. The new prescription changed my life for good and forever. I started eating lots of foods that I avoided before. With a proper diet, exercise and the right effective medications I am finally living a normal life. Please consult your doctor or a qualified medical professional for any medical help! And always talk, speak up and the doctors are very helpful, they listen and they give their best medical advice and help.

After 10 years finally I got the best medical help that really changed my life so good
God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur, Houston


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