The Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions: *Lose Weight, Lose Weight, Lose Weight*

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OK America, let’s take a good long look in the mirror and see how overweight we are.   You’re not alone.  Take a look around you and you’ll see that most people are plumpy, chunky or just plain fat.  The various cultures that are from all over the world who are here in America and suppose to be naturally thin are also overweight.  Even our pets are overweight!  No wonder every year we make the resolution to lose weight.

It’s 2010 a brand new year and there’s no time like now to get excited about making a change and start living a healthy fit life style and lose those extra pounds.

For some of us this year is not the first time we’ve made this resolution.  Every year we commit to taking off weight and we start off determined and motivated only to give up within a week or two.  We seem to just not have the patients to work at this for very long or take the time to do it properly and permanently.  Our attitude is that we ‘got-to-have-it-now’.  We like our food fast, we want to get rich quick and we want to lose weight over night.

Here are some great ideas that will motivate you and help you take off those pounds and keep them off for the rest of your life.

First of all, it’s important to understand that you didn’t gain all that weight over night.  It probably took months and even years of unhealthy eating habits to put those pounds on and so you cannot expect to lose that weight over night.

Secondly, you have to resolve in your mind that this year is the year you will make a mighty change in your life style and then stick to it.  The only way to truly make a change is that you have to be ‘sick and tired of, being sick and tired’.  If you are not losing the weight you want then you’re not sick and tired enough of being overweight.

Set goals

Goal setting is a must but make sure you set realistic goals.  Part of the reason we give up so quickly is that we set goals that are too farfetched.  Set a goal to lose 10 pounds rather than set the goal to lose 65 pounds and get down to the weight that you were in High School.  10 pounds is much easier to reach than 65 pounds and most likely you will give up somewhere along the way.   Setting a short term goal of losing 10 pounds in one month is a realistic goal and then each month you can set the same goal which will eventually get you to your long term goal of losing 65 pounds and it will take you six to seven months which is reasonable and realistic.

Write it down

A goal is only a wish unless you write it down.  Writing it down is more permanent and is just like a blue print you can follow.  Be very specific about how you’re going to lose the weight, how much weight you’re going to lose and how long it will take.  Remember,  short and long term goals.


Visualize how you want to look.  See yourself in your mind’s eye how slim, shapely and beautiful or muscular and handsome you are.  Create a “vision board” and compile a collage of pictures, quotes and things to help keep you motivated.  Look at your vision board every morning and night and re-commit everyday to sticking with your plan and goals to lose weight.

A vision board or goal board is a powerful tool to help you achieve your dreams.

Eating habits

This is the big one.  Changing your eating habits are vital to your health and your goal of losing weight.

We all know that change or learning a new behavior is hard and even sometimes seem impossible.  Changing your eating habits is like trying to change from sleeping at night to sleeping during the day or changing from right handed to left handed or vice versa.

It’s a habit and as long as it took you to learn that habit will determine just how long it will take to learn a new habit.

Resolve to change your eating habits right now even if it’s just cutting your food intake in half.  Start off slowly and start by adding some fruits and veggies to your diet and cutting down on sweets and junk foods.  As you do this you will notice that you will begin to eat less and start to lose weight.  If you slip up and make a mistake don’t give up just keep trying and eventually over time eating healthier will become a natural way of life for you.


Whether y u join a gym or work out at home the main point is that you get up and move.  Walk, run, hike or bike, lift weights get down and do some sit-ups, push –ups and do aerobics.  As you begin to condition your body you will notice tremendous changes in your overall feeling and in your weight loss.  You will be amazed and wonder why you didn’t make this change earlier.

You can do it !

This is a brand new beginning of a brand new life.  It’s a new year and spirits are high right now. The feeling in the air is one that says; “things are going to be different”!  “Things are going to be better”!  “I will succeed”!

It’s time to get serious now about losing weight and whether this is the first or fiftieth year that you’ve made this resolution than make this “THE” year you will do it.

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