Use Candy Bar Names to Present Student Awards

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After working diligently, students deserve a little reward for their painstaking hard work. Here is a fun way to present them with awards. Try to give everyone at least ONE award. And EVERYONE can get Hershey’s HUGS and KISSES tossed to them too. Add MORE of your own award ideas to this list. It could go on and on forever….there is a LOT of candy out there!!!

Here is a long list to get your mind rolling and get you thinking about what is good for your students. Each class is different…Give candy awards in a group setting. It is more fun that way!

1. WHOPPERS – for the best story telling.

2. MILKY WAY – for the student who likes astronomy.

3. Work hard and report card day will be a great PAYDAY.
4. Be a GOBSTOPPER and keep your glue closed tightly.
5. Do EXTRA work and SKOR high!!!
6. Be SMARTIES and keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
7. KRUNCH-ing & KRACKEL-ing paper is not necessary.
8. Behavior is rewarded with GOOD & PLENTY of fun.
9. Treat everyone with respect and not like NERDS.
10. Do your work in class to prevent MOUNDS of homework.
11. Make sure your “i’s” and “j’s” have DOTS. (don’t do CAPITOL letters)
12. It is kind to be a LINDOR (chocolate) when a friend is in need.
13. We all make mistakes and SNICKERS aren’t kind!
14. Don’t be AIR HEADS or LEMONHEADS — stay on task.
15. No ROLO-blading on the school grounds.
16. Be a RED HOTS student and do your work.
17. Don’t be a SLOWPOKE in the HALLS.
18. There will be no SNICKERS from the class when someone gives an unusual answer.
19. When a STARBURST of an idea enters your mind, please raise your hand.
20. MOUNDS of compliments can’t replace one insult, so please choose your words carefully.
21. All rules must be followed—BAR NONE!
22. Anyone breaking rules will have a time out on MARS!

Step 7
Add your own personalized parts too, to make it more special and not just general.

Step 8
See my other Candy Bar Story Cards in Bukisa for more ideas!


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