Make a Candy Bar Story Card for a Special Teacher

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A Candy Bar Card is a story that is recreated using candy and poster board. I received one of these candy cards in High School at my fast food workplace. I’ve also made these for several people through my life. They are a big hit. These instructions will help you make one for a Special Teacher.

Every Candy story board is different, since each person has a different story. Once you look at Candy Bar names, your ideas will start rolling. Write them down on a pad of paper at the store so you don’t forget. If you need A good variety of unusual or interesting or vintage candies, try Looking for the candy stores or shops stocking rare or nostalgic candies, and venture beyond the normal choice of candy that is in most stores.

Have fun and be creative with your story card. The teacher you give it to will cherish it and the memory will last a lifetime!

Step 1

Buy whatever candy bars or gum or candy you need to suit your story. I will give you some ideas later.

Step 2

Buy whatever color of poster board suits your story. You can also buy kits that make cool margins with stickers if you want too.

Step 3

Use a pencil to lightly draw the letters on the poster board, setting the candy in the places it needs to go, before you make any permanent marks. This is like the rough draft.

Step 4

Write the words with colord markers and tape the wrapped candy onto the card with double sticky scotch tape. Leave the candy in its wrapper so that the person you are giving the card to can eat it. Sometimes you may have to take a marker or tape paper to the candy and mark out a word on the candy such as: “Hershey’s SPECIAL Dark Chocolate” and leaving only the word “Special” to read.

Step 5

Here are some ideas for your Teacher’s story card. The candy used is in CAPITOL letters. You can combine the ideas too, add your own ideas, omit some things, whatever! It is YOUR story!

Step 6

IDEA #1:

Dear (Teacher’s name),

You are all SWEETTARTS for everything you teach. You deserve to TAKE 5 for yourself. We know sometimes our kids act like AIRHEADS or like they’re from MILKY WAY. You bring such ALMOND JOY when you teach about WATCHAMACALLIT and ignore their WHOPPERS. It must be hard to contain your SNICKERS when those little SUGAR BABIES tell you MOUNDS of stories. Have a FUN DIP in the pool. I wanted to TAKE 5 minutes to say thanks for being such a SPECIAL (Hershey’s Special Dark) Teacher. The kids may act like SMARTIES and be all BUTTERFINGERS at times. Other times they may SNICKER in class and even tell WHOPPERS. You have to CHUCKLE at their antics even when you are falling to (Reeses)PIECES. Being a teacher is no PICNIC some days, and you may have a ROCKY ROAD, but we think you’re worth 100 GRAND for all the effort you put in. Hope you have a CAREFREE summer and enjoy a FAST BREAK somewhere special. HUGS & KISSES, * You are such a LIFESAVERs. * I appreciate all the (Almond) Joy you have given to me …

Step 7

Idea #2:

Dear (Teacher’s name),

I just wanted to TAKE 5 minutes and tell you what a SPECIAL (Hershey’s Special Dark) teacher you have been. I couldn’t have found a better teacher if I searched all across the MILKY WAY! You deserve a paycheck worth 100 GRAND so you can go on a shopping SPREE on 5TH AVENUE this summer. It was such a JOY (Almond Joy) to be in your class. I had MOUNDS of fun. Thanks for helping me SKOR as your student. I hope this card made you SNICKERs! You are the best BAR NONE!!From, (child’s name)(___) grade ROCKS (Pop Rocks) because of you!!

Step 8

Idea #3 uses things other than candy too:

Teachers Appreciation/Teacher Sayings: Attach a note to each item and put them in a basket or taped to a poster as a gift card. That way the teacher gets some supplies for the following year.* We think you’re NOTEworthy! Have a stuPENdous day! (Tie a cute NOTE PAD & nice PEN to this note)* We give you high marks for a high SKOR! (Tie to MARKERS and a SKOR bar)* You really measure up! I am so glad that you are my teacher!! (Tie to RULER & a TAPE MEASURE & FRUIT BY THE FOOT fruit snacks)* You have been a Marvelous & Magnificent teacher!! (Tie to M&M’s)* There isn’t a teacher “butter” than you! (Tie to a BUTTERNUT candy bar)* Thanks for going the “Extra” mile with our kids this year! (Tie to pack of EXTRA gum) * There’s no way to STICK it, you’re a great teacher! (Tie to GLUE STICKS, TAPE & POST-IT NOTES)* You help CUT OUT bad grades! (Tie to pair of nice SCISSORS)* You are SEW SPECIAL! (Tie to SEWING PATTERN & HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK)

Step 9

Idea #4:

Dear (Teacher’s Name),

We want to thank you for all you do for us. You do GOOD AND PLENTY around here. You help us by giving us MOUNDS of homework so that we can SKOR well on all of our tests. We know that the lessons you have taught us will help us both NOW AND LATER in life. Sometimes you are a HOT TAMALE and other times a BIG RED but we know that you love us to (REESE’S)PIECES and that you would do anything for us even though we act NUTRAGEOUS at times. We wish we could give you a 100 GRAND on PAYDAY but you will have to settle for HUGS and KISSES and a SYMPHONY of voices saying thank you.

Love, ________________

Step 10

Idea #5:

Dear (Teacher’s Name),

You’re the Best Teacher in the whole MILKY WAY! Thanks for always going the EXTRA mile. You help me SKOR well. You deserve to be paid 100 GRAND! You’re teaching is always right on TARGET (Gift Card). Thanks for always being MOUNDS of fun and making me SNICKERS.

Step 11

Present your candy bar story card to your Special Teacher in front of the whole class!

Step 12

See my other candy bar story card ideas in Bukisa for more candy and sentence ideas!


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