How to View Some Past Episodes of the NJ DEA from the Spike Channel

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The NJ DEA works to keep the streets a safer place for thousands of people.  I don’t think that people realize how much credit we really owe to these brave people.  The DEA arrests drug dealers and they do their best to keep them off the streets for a long time.

 Two recognized names are Chris Masters and Dennis Dixon.  Masters and Dixon have known one another since grade school and they are both honored to be able to work with one another.  The spike channel still airs some of the DEA episodes, check your local TV schedule for listings.

 There is a way that you can still view many of the DEA NJ episodes on line.  You need to go to and this should direct you right to the website.  There are several episodes going back to 2008.  Unfortunately, the episodes are not without commercial interruption. 

 The show is so real and true to life.  The DEA episodes give the viewer a real feel of the dangers involved each and every day for members of the DEA task force.   The agents are skilled and passionate about what they do and I must say they do one heck of a job.   I hope that they can continue their good work and avoid confrontation and injury. 

 I am sure the agents found the camera a bit awkward at first however, it seems that they have adjusted to the film crew quite well.  I don’t feel as if I could ever do such a dangerous job therefore I give the guys a great deal of credit for what they do.

 To Chris, Dennis and the rest of the team, keep up the good work!!


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