7 different types of telephone system greetings = 7 opportunites to create a good impression

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When you set up your company phone system its worth paying extra attention to the messages you script and your choice of voice artist to read them.  Each phone message or greeting is an opportunity to positively present your company and the voice actor you choose can reinforce your company image and brand.

Here are 7 types of phone message you may consider using on your telephone system:

1. Welcome greeting/Auto Attendant – An auto attendant is the first voice that a caller will hear when they dial through to your company phone line. The auto attendant greets the caller and establishes trust while branding your company. 

2. IVR: After the caller has heard the auto attendant, the same voice usually guides them through their options, e.g press 1 for sales and press 2 for accounts etc. This element of your voice over script is called an IVR or Interactive Voice Response.  These prompts can direct callers to the most suitable extension and also provide useful information such as regular office hours.  It is useful to give callers the option to dial zero at anytime so they can skip the prompts and talk directly to a ‘real’ person.

3. On hold message: These are a great opportunity to get your marketing message across to your potential customers.  Inform your callers of all the products and services you offer and also any current promotions you have on offer.  You have a captive audience so use this time effectively.  Research shows that this time on hold can postively affect your callers purchase decisions and so increase your sales.  An on hold message is far more effective in caller retention than silence. 

4. Courtesy messages: You can alternate these messages with your on-hold marketing messages.  Remind your callers that you appreciate their time and their business.  If you can answer any frequently asked questions such as general office opening hours, this will make your callers feel that their on hold time is not wasted.

5. Voicemail messages:  Consider recording a company voicemail message to act as a generic greeting for messages left outside of personal voicemail boxes.  You could choose to use the same voiceover artist to record the company and your staffs personal voicemail greetings.

6. After Hours Message: set up an after hours message that will thank the caller for phoning and provide instructions to leave a message or phone back on the next business day.

7. Holiday Messages:  Consider recording a message prepared for statutory holidays, you can customize the message for your customers and present it to them at the appropriate time.

Written by Alison Pitman. For further information about the author and to hear her voice demos visit www.thephonevoice.com


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