2010 Gemini Love Horoscopes

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As the year begins, there are many disturbances that seem to keep you and someone special apart. You will feel frustrated and aggravated but if you’re prepared to take whatever chance you get to be together, it won’t seem as bad as you were expecting.

A social event takes up a good deal of your time in January and something you overhear could cause a few sleepless nights. Generally, during the first two months of the year, you should concentrate on doing what you do best. Get out, mix with friends, share ideas and interests. If you’re single, you could meet a new love interest at a new club or society.

Romance in March, April and May 2010

Someone you care for will be keen to introduce some changes in March. You need time to give these more thought. New ideas that don’t work won’t reflect too well on your overall performance and it could even be that you will be blamed for the lack of results. If need be, don’t hesitate to go it alone. Indeed, this may be the only way you’ll be satisfied with your efforts.

It might also be that you are still be struggling with trying to get a new partner to understand you. Mid April is a time when others will be more co-operative and helpful. People will take time to listen to your views and opinions and you will notice a difference in your closest relationships.

A meeting or date at the end of May might not go as planned, and you are left with the feeling that you would like to try again. Conversations at this time seem to hold hidden meanings between the lines.

June and July, Love Trends for Gemini 2010

In June, there will be moments when you might feel you can’t seem to get your act together when in certain relationships, no matter how much effort you put into things, nothing turns out right. You’re unusually stubborn at this time and reluctant to accept an offer of help that comes your way. No matter what you are doing, if if others offer to help, give them a chance to assist you. The days could go so much smoother if you did so.

With Mars entering the family zone of your chart you might expect activity within the home to be intersting and active.

In fact there will be a lot to do at home in the evenings during these middle months of the year and this suggests you might regret letting a friend talk you into helping set up a new community activity. It could be that you feel you are missing something more exciting that’s taking place in your home.

Relationships in the Autumn

Relationships need careful handling in the autumn.. A careless or thoughtless comment could place unnecessary strain on a valued friendship. So let diplomacy be your watchword.

Romance in the Winter

A visitor, an e-mail or a letter will bring some good news concerning a distant Interest in the winter. You aren’t, as a rule, too concerned about what others might think of your actions, but for some reason, as the year ends, you want to make a good impression. A short trip could be useful in a business sense, during the festive season and if you’re single, romance could spring from a new work-related project.


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