2010 Libra Love Astrology Horoscope

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Difficulties in a close relationship or friendship seems to be easier to deal with as the year begins. It looks as if you have been able to persuade those who have not been getting on too well to sort out their squabbles. Disputes are resolved and life gets back onto a more harmonious footing.

This means you can turn your attention to affairs that are more important to you personally. Your career will bring moments of satisfaction when you are being appreciated for your clever ideas. A few friendly get-togethers during February and March also suggests that someone you work with is likely to become a good friend.

Libran’s Relationships in April and May 2010

When it comes to your health, an endless supply of energy keeps you on the right track. This is bound to keep your relationships positive too, in April and May. In all areas of your life, it is good that you can leave others to get on with their own jobs by themselves.

Your goals during the latter half of May are very private ones anyway; it doesn’t matter what others might think, you will need no one’s approval but your own. Allowing others to get involved would only slow you down, when arguments could be lengthy.

Libra, Life and Love Mid-2010

Mid-year is a time when you might be trying to get new routines at home underway. This could have something to do with new developments that suggest that change is in the air. You want to be prepared but you feel an older relative is reluctant to move with the times.

Actually, you yourself are bound to wonder, at times, whether it will all be worth it, but cast aside such negative thoughts. Just think of all the benefits that will come your way, once everything is organised.

After an incredibly busy time for your relationships in July and August all seems to go suddenly quiet as September begins. You really shouldn’t let this peaceful interlude go by without making full use of it. There are one or two things you could be catching up on if you felt so inclined. But, on saying this, there’s also the strong chance that you wouldn’t refuse the prospect of a short spell of peace and quiet

October’s Relationship Trends for Librans

Close relationships look to be happy and stable in October when the sun is in your sign. Decisions may have something to do with changes now being carried out at home. Or new working routines may also mean slightly different arrangements financially perhaps regarding shared travel expenses and the like.

Later in the month, a friend or neighbour will try to discuss their financial secrets. Be wary about this. Sometimes it is best not to get too involved with other peoples’ business. Especially if you feel they will regret discussing these matters once they realise how much they have disclosed.

End of 2010 Relationships and Librans

For some it could be that a competitive note enters the scene during the last quarter of the year. You may be worrying about losing a valued commitment to someone who seems to be more capable. But Libra, if you go all out to prove your worth to others, there really won’t be any competition.


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