Aquarius Love Horoscope for 2010

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As the year begins, in activities that demand a team effort, you won’t be happy when a careless or devious person fails to stick to the facts. It could be that this will also offend your strong sense of justice. It is not people who pay lip-service to group, social and business commitments that you want to mix with at this time. You are looking for those who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Around the middle of February someone you work with or deal with in a business capacity could be urging you to enter a deal you don’t feel happy about. Aquarius, don’t let them box you into a corner. Keep your options open. It’s a time of the year when you will know exactly what must be done to achieve a certain goal. You will be actively seeking out a friend or colleague who you expect might be able to help you.

Others will be more co-operative than you could ever have asked for. And you will end the month feeling as if you’re onto something big!

Also around this time a close relationship could be undergoing some form of transformation. More time will be spent together and confidences will be shared. The love bug could bite mid-March when a surprise introduction could stir up some romantic action. Spend a little extra time on your image. The end of the month’s also a good time to embark on a new creative path.

Aquarius Relationships April to July 2010

Within the social side of your life, in April you will be quite happy to take life at a pace which is far removed from the busy time you have had of it lately. A neighbourhood sporting event will provide outlet for your restless energy. Even if just “watching the game” you’ll enjoy this change of scene.

And there is every chance you’ll be widening your friendship through existing contacts. As May begins, you should avoid becoming a party to an innocent joke which could go wrong. The first half of the month is when you should aim to keep everything open, honest and above-board.

Now maybe life isn’t all “peaches and cream” in June, but a love relationship will show signs of improving. And if that’s not enough to make you happy, then what is? Make the effort to patch up a recent argument and your stars suggest that a romantic weekend at the end of the month is in store!

Love and Friendship for Aquarians August to October 2010

You’re much too kind at this time but someone is starting to rely too heavily on you. It won’t be doing anyone a favour if you agree to help them out of a quandary. Others have made their bed, and they should be left to lie in it. If this means rectifying their own mistakes, how else might they learn any money sense?

Spending more time than expected in ironing out some difficulties before getting a new group project underway, could send the rest of your month’s plans into turmoil. No-one else seems too bothered about missed appointments and postponed meetings so during August, be sure to relax! And be happy to put off as much as possible until a later date.

Because you have a lot to contend with in September, this is perhaps not the best of months to make decisions about a romantic matter. Your judgement when it comes to deciding what is and what is not good for you, is not as reliable as it could be. You will tend to see a relationship through rose-coloured spectacles. So try to postpone important concerns until the beginning of October.

Aquarius and Love: End of 2010

As the year ends, someone you meet now will become a key part of your future so get out and party. Friendships will grow closer. Romance will capture your imagination and time spent with an amour will be even more rewarding if you share the same interests, beliefs and opinions.

People will be listening to you attentively now and through this, you will begin to value yourself more. High levels of charm and charisma make you irresistible and super-seductive during the festive season!


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