Sky High – Movie Review

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Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) may seem like your ordinary high school freshman, but he isn’t. In a world well acquainted with superheroes and villains, the super-strong Commander (Kurt Russell) and the flying Jetstream (Kelly Preston) are the two best-known champions of good. Will knows them as Dad and Mom.

Children of superheroes go to a secret high school suspended in the clouds by an anti-gravitational device. Sky High is where they train to become the next generation of heroes and “hero support.” Power placement divides the students: those with impressive powers become popular heroes, those with not-so-impressive ones (like melting and shape shifting into a guinea pig) are shuffled into loser sidekick status.

Will doesn’t know what his powers are – because he hasn’t gotten them yet. So he and his best friend Layla (Danielle Panabaker), who thinks that displaying her own plant-controlling powers would be supporting the unfair system, end up in sidekick class. Not only does Will have to deal with the school’s bullies, he has an archenemy in the flame-throwing Warren Peace (Steven Strait), and he has to tell his dad that he doesn’t have any powers.

When his powers do arrive during a confrontation with Peace, Will is thrust into instant popularity, including favor from his crush, a senior named Gwen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Will his new status blind him to his old friendships and the evil threatening the school?

Teaching valuable lessons like perseverance, being true to yourself, and loyalty, Sky High is a great movie for the whole family. While aimed at a preteen and teen audience, it’s engaging for adults and children as well. The movie imitates action comic books with bold colors and knock-‘em-out showdowns, and only contains a few cheesy moments. If you loved The Incredibles , be sure to watch Sky High .


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