Easy makeup tips to sexy eyes

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If you are bored with your basic neutral eye look, then read on. Following is a whole array of techniques that will leave people wondering what you did to look so good!

Double the fun!

If you are an eye makeup junkie then you are sure to have a huge collection of eye pencils. Create a fun look by pairing two colors of eye liner on your upper and lower lash lines. And don’t stick to one color family! Try these combos; white and lime green, purple and silver, turquoise and bronze

Feline fatale

An easy way to make cat eyes is to start the line in dashes across your lid and then join the lines together. You probably wing out the liquid liner once to create that sexy cat eye but you can turn it up a notch by creating a double wing! Once you have your first wing, use the liner to create a second, slightly smaller wing from the first.

Glitter glam

Glitter liquid liners are amazing for creating that mischievous sparkle. Turn them into a day time look by pairing one with your basic black liner. Line your lower lash line with any color glitter liner and you will have taken your look from ordinary to extraordinary!

Vixen lashes

If you don’t want to apply to much eye makeup but still want to give your eyes some definition, then mascara is your best friend. Curl your lashes with an eye lash curler and then coat with three coats of brown or black mascara. Your eyes will look wider and larger.

White out

If you have small eyes, then use a white pencil on your water line. This will instantly brighten the whites of your eyes and make them appear larger.


Play up your eye color with opposite shades. Try orange eye shadow on blue eyes, purple on green eyes and emerald eye shadow on brown eyes. These colors will create a pretty jewel tone effect on your eyes.

Sexy metallics

Gold and silver look amazing on any eye color. Apply them with a damp brush to create a hot liquid metal look and make it stand out with black mascara.

Gloss is boss

Use a clear gloss on your lids to create a shiny surface. When you dab your eye shadow on the gloss, it intensifies the color and makes it stick all day.


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