Natural Disasters Are A Glimpse Into The Future

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Natural disasters are happening everywhere.  There are more and more hurricanes each year.  Tsunamis are getting out of control, caused by earth quakes beneath the ocean bed.  Earth is slowly heating up more and more, thus causing global warming which is slowly melting our polar ice caps. And earth quakes are popping up in different places where earth quakes never happened before.

What happens when earth looses its polar ice caps? For one we lose a species.  Polar bears will run out of food driving them into extinction.  And there are other things that are just as important as animals.  Then when animals start disappearing then our plants will be the next thing to go because of climate change.  The next thing that will happen is that humanity will slowly start dieing off due to starvation.  Fresh fish will be the next thing to go because the waters will not have any ice to keep the fish in there natural habitat.  As the earth heats up more and more each year the faster the ice shelves will melt.  And more of the ice will simply break off in large mass peaces called ice bergs and float away dissolving into liquid until there is nothing left.

What does ice do for earth? Ice is earth’s natural coolant system that maintains our climates in every corner of the earth.  What happens when your radiator coolant (polar ice caps) in your car is gone?  What happens is the engine (earth) gets so hot it blows a head gasket.  Till eventually it causes the engine’s block to crack and it shoots a rod threw its metal casing (more earth quakes, more tsunamis, more volcanic eruptions, and nastier weather conditions).

This year 2009 earth will under go a dramatic change in our world climates.  So be earth aware.  For the events above are soon to become an inescapable reality.


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