How Long Does It Take Food to Spoil in Café World?

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I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for Facebook games, and my newest addiction is Café World. However, since I don’t always have time to log into Facebook and check on my café every day, I needed to find out how long it would take food to spoil in Café World. Before I started running the tests and crunching the numbers myself, I did a little searching and found that some people on the Zynga Café World forum had already done most of the work.

According to their calculations and tests, the food spoil time is 120% of the food cooking time. For example, since it takes 12 hours to cook triple berry cheesecake, that same dish will spoil in 14.4 hours (14 hours and 24 minutes) from the time the dish was finished cooking.  In addition to the work of the Zynga forum members, I’ve done some spot-checking of my own and the formula seems tried and true – at least for now. (Who knows when the developers might make changes?)

It’s important to note that the food spoil clock doesn’t start until after the food has finished cooking. So, going back to the triple berry cheese cake example, if you start cooking the dish, you have 12 hours of cook time and another 14.4 hours after that until the food spoils. That means that you can come back to Café World anytime between 12 and 26.4 (12 + 14.4) hours later, and your cheesecake will be ready to serve.

If you want to give yourself some leeway and just need a general estimate of how soon you need to check your café so you don’t lose your food, you can simply multiply the cook time by two – this will give you plenty of time to spare. For instance, if a food dish takes 4 hours to prepare, you can estimate that you need to check back sometime between 4 and 8 hours later to serve the food. In actuality, you have a little longer than 8 hours (4 + (4*1.2) = 8.8 hours, to be precise), but the quick estimate is easier for most of us to do in our heads so we know if we’ll be able to log into Facebook in time to serve the food before it spoils.


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