Top 5 Horror Films on 2009.

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2009 was a fairly good year for Horror films. There were some that were more than I anticipated, and one that were not anywhere near as good as I thought it would be. This is my own opinion on some of the top Horror films of 2009.

The Orphan:

The Orphan was released in theaters July 24th of 2009. This movie was about a mother and father that lose a baby. They decide to adopt a 9 year old girl. Well the girl is evil.

I have watched a lot of the horror films with childrenroughout the year, and was not expecting a lot out of this movie. I was surprised. I have to say it was one of the better Horror films of 2009.

The Last House On The Left:

The Last House On The Left was released in theaters March 13th 2009. This is a remake of an older movie. The plot is about two girls who get kidnapped and left for dead. The attackers end up getting stranded, and find themselves at one of the girls parents house. Well the parents find out what happened, and they do some great things to the bad guys.

This was a great movie. I think it was the fact that the good guys do a lot of damage.

The Haunting In Connecticut:

The Haunting in Connecticut was release in theaters March 27, 2009. This movie was actually base on a true story. It is about a family with a sick son, they move into an old house where things begin to happen.

As much as I enjoyed the other movies, this was my favorite horror movie of 2009. The fact that is was based on a true story, and it was pretty damn scary in parts. If you have not seen this movie, go rent it or purchase it.

Drag Me To Hell:

Drag Me To Hell Was Released in theaters May 29, 2009. The basic plot is a loan officer refuses a loan to a old gypsy woman. The Gypsy put a curse on the lady. She then has to learn how to prevent herself from being dragged to Hell.

I would have to say that this movie was different. I enjoyed it a lot for the most. I was a little upset with a few parts, but it was a ood horror film.

My Bloody Valentine:

My Bloody Valentine Was Released January 16, 2009. One of the first horror films of 2009. It is about a bad accident happening years before. Then it shoots up to present time where one of the people is returning to the town. Bad things begin to happen again.

I thought this movie was pretty good. I was upset because I figured out who the killer was in the first 30 minutes of the movie, but was surprised to find out why. It was a good horror movie for the year.

My most disappointing horror movie of 2009, and some may disagree-

Paranormal Activity:

Paranormal Activity was one of the most built up films of 2009. I was watching previews where people was saying that they were horrified. It made me want to see the movie. I did not go to the theater, but did rent it last week when it was released.

It was not scary at all. I sat with my pillow in my lap for the first hour or so waiting for it to frighten me. The only time I was slightly scared was the last 15 minutes. I actually experienced paranormal activity when I was a child, and this was nothing of what I expected. My husband gets freaked out about these things, and he wasn’t even scared at all. If the entire movie had the elements of the last 15 minutes, it would have been great. Paranormal Activity was my biggest disappointment of 2009.


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