Increase Web Traffic and Earn Money with Google Trends

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Google Trend has many things to offer bloggers and website developers/publishers. These following tips below will help you maximize your Google adsense and revenue earnings simply by implementing search engine optimazation keywords — or high paying/popular keywords that will give you more hits = more money to your web blog and or website. Google Trends updates its system every day and on the hour to provide keyword worthy information that you can use to benefit you.

Go to Google trends and take a look around their current popular keywords of the day or month. Search for relevant keyword that is relevant to your website or blog.

Create a blog or website specifically dedicated to the most popular trends. Of course, the most common popular keywords will most often have to do with political or entertainment news. Blogs geared towards daily news will have increased traffic than those that do not (hint hint).

Write also, on news breaking stories and try to be the first to blog or write about it. Bookmark it immediately through Bookmarking Demon to get increase web traffic by leaps and bounds.

Sign up for Google Adsense and Wikita to earn money through ad revenue from targeted “keyword” ads associated with your content. Get indexed by Google. Submit your website to Google. In the meantime, write and update your website DAILY! Daily should never be taken for granted because page activity influences your Google page ranking by a lot. Update several times a day to improve the chances of you getting listed.

Finally,share your link the ol fashioned way. Tell potential viewers about your blog through ord-of mouth and by usinf social networking tools and other writing websites as press releases.


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