A Quick Look At Free Spyware Removal Software

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When it comes to removing spyware from your computer there are various options available to you and these include installing a spyware blocker, spyware cleaner, and spyware detection software. There are a wide range of products available for consumers and this article will focus on the free spyware software that is available and the things you should be aware of when choosing free spyware.

 Free Spyware Programs

There are a number of free spyware programs available and a brief internet search will bring you up a list of them. These programs can be downloaded and installed on your computer and will give you protection against unwanted spyware. Given below are some of the useful spyware detection and removal software.

  • SpywareBlaster: This is a free spyware detection software program that prevents spyware activeX controls from being installed on your computer. This spyware blocker also blocks cookies from websites that are known to track your internet habits. This is a free spyware program that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Although free, this spyware cleaner does have a number of advantages including the blocking of activeX.
  • SpywareGuard: Another free spyware program that is available on the web is spyware guard. This spyware blocker runs in the background and prevents spyware from being downloaded onto your computer. This free spyware program also has the ability to prevent your computer from being hijacked whilst you are browsing the internet which is a necessity if you have a dial up internet connection.
  • SpywareTerminator: This is another free program with number of added features like system scan for spyware detection, spyware removal, real time system protection shield, internet cookies scan and favorites scan. It also comes with an integrated anti-virus software known as Clam antivirus which is also a free anti virus program.

Just type the name of any of the above software’s in the Google search box and there you are ready to download and install it!

Whilst free spyware programs are available it is always wise to do a comparison of the features available with paid spyware removal software. Some free spyware removal software will only allow you to scan your computer for spyware and will give you a large list of spyware found. These free spyware programs will not however, allow you to remove this spyware from your computer until you actually purchase the spyware removal software. This is something that you should be aware of when looking for free spyware programs.


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