Frontline flea and tick treatment

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Since fleas and ticks are a very serious problem for my dog in the region in which live mostly in summer I have decided to take some measures in this respect.For this fleas atriks I use Frontline commercial product whose active substance is very effective and is called fipronil. Frontline ambalaze is presented in different ways and for different categories (by weight) and for cats there is only one pipette which applies to all cats except categriile of up to three months.

Weight ranges for dogs are arranged as follows: S for dogs frontline relatively small weight class from two to ten kilograms, Frontline M for medium dogs weighing between ten and twenty pounds, after going frontline L for dogs that exceed the weight of twenty pounds but are under the forty.And last weight category is for large dogs is between forty and sixty pounds. It is important to keep these categories of weight because you apply the wrong amount of fipronil pipette is large for a small breed and can break. The cats like I said is a pipette that will not only be applied to cats less than three months.

There is a category of frontline which besides active substance that is simple and fipronil has metopren and is said to be more effective against ticks. Are called frontline plus or combo, and the dogs are being imapartite in the same weight category. Unit receives greater efficiency is still higher for ticks than usual at the frontline fipronil.

The application is very easy, open pipette and apply directly to the skin between the blades and carefully not to soak your dog 24 hours before and 24 hours after you have applied pipette.


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