How To Choose A Paint Color Scheme For Any Room

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First look around you and your home and determine what colors you are drawn to. Look at the accessories you have around your home that you really like. Flip through some magazines and see which pages of images you are drawn to which will give you a good sense of what you are attracted to in regards to colors and decorating styles.

Look at the paintings in your home that you like and this will remind you of the things you enjoy visually.

You can look through photographs you have of vacation spots. Make notes of the colors that appeal to you which will give you a good sense of what colors you are naturally drawn to.

Seek out help: Observe friends homes. You can learn a lot about what appeals to you by combining ideas from several homes as well as what you don’t care for.

Visit showrooms: You can observe the work from designers since there are many showrooms that display entire rooms.

Try out technology: You can try out an array of different color schemes and designs with the many computer programs available today before making any final decisions.

Consider lighting: Since lighting affects color you need to be aware of the rooms lighting. Consider the natural lighting as well as the artificial lighting before selecting a color scheme.

Choosing accessories: You should choose your accessories for a room before deciding on the main color scheme.

Use Swatches: A great idea for a swatch is to paint lining paper the color your considering. You will want to have a large size of lining paper to paint so it will cover enough of the wall to give you a good idea of how the color looks on a particular wall. Tape the paper to the wall so you can see how the light changes throughout the day since this will have an effect on how the paint looks.

Many of the do-it-yourself stores have web-sites where you can create an outline for the rooms your wanting to paint and redecorate. This enables you to look at different types of wallpaper and paint so you can match color schemes and designs. These stores also carry sample bottles of paint you can purchase for $2.99 to $4.99 – usually about 4 oz. in size – so you can try it out on the wall before making a final decision.

There are many on-line question and answer sites where you can upload photos of the room your wanting to paint or redecorate. Along with the photo(s) you can write a couple paragraphs of what you would like to accomplish with the room and ask for others suggestions and advise.


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