Pet Psychics the Modern Day Dr. Doolittle

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Now not only can you receive a psychic reading, but your beloved pet can too. Pet Psychics are the modern day Dr. Dolittle, claiming they can too “talk to the animals.” The concept of having your pet read by a psychic is becoming more mainstream. Many celebrities and even animal trainers are using pet psychics to communicate with their animals.

Would you like to know why Fluffy runs and hides every time your mother in law comes for a visit? Maybe your dog Spot seems to be a bit depressed lately, and you can’t figure out why. Now you can consult a pet psychic to help you find the answers. Animal communicators, as they are sometimes called, can help you find out what is on your pet’s mind, or even help you locate a missing animal. Dog and cats are not the only animals that pet psychics can communicate with. They are able to connect with a vast array of animals, some of which include lizards, birds and even snakes!

According to The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey, there are approximately 74.8 million owned dogs in the United States. When it comes to cats, there are approximately 88.3 million owned cats in the United States. No wonder American is fascinated by the possibility of being able to communicate with their furry friends.

Now are you wondering, just how do pet psychics talk to your pets? Well you won’t find any tarot cards, crystal balls, or even a pendulum involved. They communicate with your pet through telepathy. They simply ask your pet questions with their mind, and wait for your pet to telepathically answer them back. Pet psychics tell us we communicate with our beloved animals this way everyday. Pets can hear our thoughts, and actually respond to what we are thinking. Haven’t you ever known Spot needed to go out before he ran to the door to alert you. It just might be that you “heard” Spot letting you know he needed a potty break. He actually sent you that message from his mind to yours, without ever barking a word.

Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick, is one of the more famous pet psychics. Animal planet hosted her show, “The Pet Psychic”, from June 2002 until its lasts airing in January 2003. If you had a chance to watch the show, it really was fascinating. She communicated with a vast array of animals, and helped many pet owners to better understand their pet’s needs and wants.

If you and your dog Spot are contemplating having session with an animal communicator you might be asking yourself, “how much does it cost?” Readings from pet psychics vary in prices. According to Sonya Fitzpatrick’s website, she charges $300 for a half hour reading. That might seem steep to some pet owners. Others might believe that is a reasonable price for the opportunity to connect with their pets on a whole new level. In the end it is up to you, to decide if it is worth it. There are a vast array of pet psychics who offer their abilities for varying prices. The best advice when choosing one for yourself, is to do your homework. Be sure to check out references. Word of mouth is a great way to learn about a pet psychic’s reputation for accuracy.

Our beloved pets really do become part of the family. We buy them Christmas presents, take their pictures, and even make sure they have that special treat they love so much. Having an opportunity to actually communicate with your pet via a pet psychic is a very attractive idea.



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