How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive And Well After Age 50

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An active sex life is an important part of marriage even as we age.  As we age we may view sex in a completely different way however, it doesn’t change the fact that it remains important no matter how old you are.

 Sex when we are young is exciting and fulfilling.  Once the kids come along, our priorities may change for a time but you still should have an active sex life.  Sex among a married couple expresses how much the couple loves and needs one another.

 After age 50, many biological and physiological changes occur in both male and female.  Yes it is probably true that you become more tired in general but you need to make it a point to have relations on a weekly basis. 

 It is important to maintain a good diet, watch your weight, and exercise in order to keep your sex drive intact.  Many times as we age we gain weight, we may not exercise and we eat the wrong foods which only serve to place a damper on our sex life.

 After age 50, you need to try new techniques of love making, Foreplay is important we when are young and as we age it remains an important part of sex.  Trying new things can defiantly keep the sex alive due to the fact that one partner doesn’t really know what the other has in store for them.  Each time the sex should be new and exciting, this is what keeps the sparks alive in the bedroom.  

 Because of the physical changes men and women experience as they age, you may consider some available devices and lotions that help the sexual experience be a memorable one.  Sweet smelling oils, candles, lubricating jelly, and sometimes vibrators all work together to make a night of passion and fulfillment.   


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