John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Gel

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Frizz Ease Spray Gel is a curl defining hair styling product that comes in a neat bottle. I liked the bottle design, as it was clear and showed the gel and nozzle attachment. The design helped me to determine if this Frizz Ease Spray Gel was running low and I would have to go out and buy a new bottle. The design includes a plastic 7.5 ounce bottle that has metallic and solid purple color combination. The spray nozzle has a clear top that is easy to remove. I noticed that Frizz Ease Spray Gel can fit in a traveling bag or purse without hassle. It has a light scent that is less noticeable once this curl defining gel is distributed throughout the hair.

Frizz Ease Spray Gel is not as stiff as other gel textured hair styling products. This curl defining gel is much looser, made it easy to comb or massage throughout my hair once applied. That is one of few aspects that I liked about using Frizz Ease Spray Gel. I did not enjoy the experience of only being able to get out small portions at a time. This made it difficult to distribute Frizz Ease Spray Gel evenly throughout my hair.

The results of these spray nozzle limitations caused my styling session to take much longer than I anticipated. That makes Frizz Ease Spray Gel a very inconvenient hair styling product. The gel also made my hair somewhat firm, which has both benefits and disadvantages. One good aspect of the hardening is that Frizz Ease Spray Gel’s bottle description claiming to “holds curls for up to 24 hours” is valid. However, the firmness of my curls made it difficult to comb through my hair nearly four hours after applying Frizz Ease Spray Gel.

Frizz Ease Spray Gel costs $6.99 at regular price, which is not exactly cheap. I did still consider the price of this Frizz Ease curl defining product to be moderately affordable to the average consumer. The nearly $7 price tag kept me from purchasing Frizz Ease Spray Gel on several occasions before finding it on sale. I was able to buy the hair styling gel for only $3.99 at one pharmacy retail store. That made it easier to try this Frizz Ease Spray Gel without worrying about wasting too much money if I did not like the product.

Do not expect this Frizz Ease curl defining gel to allow you the option for changing your hairstyle without needing to wash your hair entirely. It gets stiff but the firmness does wear out after several hours. Frizz Ease Spray Gel is a reliable product if you want a hair styling option that holds curls well. It can work well for dry roller sets, natural hair styles and even some braided designs. This Frizz Ease curl defining gel was a good investment but I wish the limited spray portions did not make my styling session tiring.


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