Best Video Games for the Apple Ipods

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While there may be many new and improved iPod games coming out on iTunes, I believe that some of the best ones are still the ones form the very beginning. Know what I’m talking about? Solitaire, Brick, Music Quiz, and the one and only Parachute; games that you could spend hours playing on and still enjoy them.

Then in 2005 Steve Jobs and Apple decided to include a whole new arsenal to the iPod’s games; at the steep cost of $4.99 each. This addition included classic games such as: Texas Hold ‘Em, Bejeweled, Tetris, Pac-Man, and many others. All of the new games feature slick graphics and control schemes designed to work with the iPod’s revolutionary click wheel so they are easy to use and completely compatible with all iPod versions.

The one of the only downsides to these new games is the price, Are you really going to get five bucks use out of each of them? Even if you are, how long can they really entertain you? Any iPod comes with four enjoyable games already built into them (Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute, and Solitaire). I truly believe that these four games are enough to sustain the average iPod listener with all of their iPod gaming needs, not only are these four games fun, but they are free and come with the iPod! Now do you really want to waste your time, money, and memory space on another game? I think not!

Now that I have explained which of the games are worth getting, I need to explain what one is the best! I personally enjoy the Solitaire the best, how can you go wrong with a good game of cards? The controls are easy and it is easy to learn (just like the one on your computer). My next favorite is Brick this is a game of skill that I believe anyone could enjoy; it involves good control of the touch pad though so watch out! Last but not least comes the amazing Parachute; this is a game were you the player is in charge of shooting down enemy paratroopers and planes it is both fun and extremely addictive, so watch out!

There are so many great games out there for your iPods and iPhones in so many different categories so whatever you choose good luck, and happy gaming!


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