Search Engines and Free Email Offers Worth Checking Out

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The Internet has revolutionized the way that Americans use the computer.  There are numerous email sites and search engines that can be accessed through the use of the Internet.  There are some email programs and search engines that stand out as being superior to older email programs and free search engines. 

 I discovered that In Box is pretty good site that offers a comprehensive search engine and free email.  In Box free email offers a substantial amount of storage space and SPAM control services.  You can sign up for In Box email in about two minutes.  The In Box search tool seems to provide accurate and a variety of search results similar to other engines such as AOL and Yahoo.  Please visit

 My second choice for a decent search engine tool and free email is My Way.  My Way has a full service search engine and totally free email with SPAM features and email alerts.  The My Way homepage keeps you updated on all the latest news, weather and other events.  You can access the homepage by logging on to  I give My Way my stamp of approval. 

 Other search engines such as, and are worth checking out also.  These sites have search engines, which cover a wide range of topics and information.  In addition, the email services offered are absolutely free.  Actually, is pretty neat. is geared toward the “rock & roll” community.  The site is probably more geared toward the young and the free. 

 If you have some time, you may want to do some on line searches in order to find additional search engines and free email offers.  There are a number of new search engines and free email offers that people are not even aware exist.   


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