Invites for Myspace Themed Parties

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Planning a Myspace party starts with invitations first. Make a list of Myspace friends and other associates who you want to attend the party and invite them using the following options:

Include a Flyer in your Myspace Profile Photo

Hire a graphic designer to make a postcard size or 8½ x11 inch flyer to promote your Myspace party. Upload this flyer as a photo to your Myspace profile and set it as the default image. Profile photos are one of the easiest Myspace party invitations to promote your event. However, party flyers that are used as your main profile image may be more appropriate for public events. This invitation Myspace profile image could still be used to invite guests if your profile is set to private for only specific friends to view.

Make Custom Myspace Invitation Graphics for Comments

Myspace profile comments are more noticeable if they include nice graphics rather than plain text. Consider graphic profile comment options when learning how to send Myspace party invitations. Hire a graphic designer or artistic friends to design custom graphics that can be used as invitations to your party. Additional invite methods of sending invitations have to be used if some guests only allow text comments on their Myspace profile. Keep your graphics as legible as possible, paying attention to size so you don’t bombard anyone’s profile with large graphics. Reference online display ad sizes when creating Myspace party invitations. Some acceptable sizes for online invitation profile comments include 120×240, 250×250 and 240×400.


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