Learn To Stop That Bad Habit Now!

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It is another new year again and everybody is jostling to come-up with their individual new-year resolution(s). We are used to hearing about all the new year resolutions made by people who have been made to realize they are hitting the rock-bottom of their lives and need redemption as a matter of personal interest and to an extent, helping the society when they share their experiences on how they defeated a bad habit and ended up achieving their new year resolution(s). Nowadays, people get bored just hearing about people making their New Year resolutions when we know those people are hardly paying attention to their resolves to be better persons and put a stop to that aspect of their lives that doesn’t cheer them or their loved ones.

Now, how do you start on this unattractive road to quitting your bad habit that has rendered you unloved by all and sundry? Start by being prayerful. That shows you have realized you have a problem you are convinced within you that you cannot break on your own power but by the grace of God the divine. If need be, embark on fasting as it causes God’s hands to move faster in coming to your aid.

Bad habits are those things we enjoy doing and we know they cost us dear continuing with them. The lure of sin! Sinfulness is such a beautiful virgin we have deflowered and it keeps coming to us as a virgin and we are always buying that crap from her.

Use prayers my people. Going on your knees is the only way to achieve a break from bad habits and achieve success when you make known your New Year resolution(s) and not by just playing to the gallery. Have a bad-habit free year!


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