Organizational Replies to Chain Emails

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Some chain emails can be fun to read and send to others who may appreciate them. However, what happens when you have several different people sending you a few chain emails throughout the week? This can add up to a lot of work to manage when trying to go through recent emails in your inbox, especially for teenagers and office workers who may have an active social life. The following organization method can help you enjoy your chain email messages while also maintaining room for more important emails, especially for work or business.

Create a Forwarded/“FWD” Folder for Chain Emails

Chain emails usually contain jokes, alleged breaking news, event flyers, religious material and other recreational content. They are sent from one person to another and then forwarded in a seemingly never-ending cycle. It is not unusual to receive over a dozen chain emails in one day depending on how many people have your email address. These chain messages can crowd your inbox quickly, causing email overload if they are not kept under control. Chain emails will also lengthen the time that it takes for you to check new email messages. This of email overload can be a burden, especially for men and women who maintain a busy working and social schedule.

Instead of checking all of your chain emails, create a separate folder to hold all forwarded chain email messages. Move these emails to the folder every time they come into your email inbox. Doing so will free up space in your inbox and allow you to focus on more important email messages. The special folder can be checked on your days off from work or sudden moments of downtime. Organizing the high volume of chain emails is one way to manage email overload.


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