Email Management Tips

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There are more important everyday tasks than checking email 24/7 but neglecting your inbox for a long time can lead to more work in the longrun. These simple tasks can make email management a little easier on busy men and women who do not prefer to check their email fequently.

Keep the Most Recent Message Replies Only

Some emails become part of a long conversation that starts with one message and multiplies into several listing in your inbox. This usually occurs when one email get multiple replies between you and another person. If you respond to an email and then someone sends a reply back after the initial message, there are now two of the same messages in your inbox. These emails can triple and quadruple out of control, causing email overload. One message turns into five and the next thing you know, there are 200 messages in your inbox including new and old emails. One way to manage email overload with replies is by removing all previous messages from the same conversation except for the most recent email.

Setup Filters for Emails to be sent to Specific Folders

Another way to manage email overload is by reducing the amount of new messages in your inbox. Some email services have filtering options that allow you to identify specific email addresses or websites that should be sent to specific folders. You will need to create separate email folders in your account in addition to setting up filters. Some email messages that may not be extremely important include stores sales, newsletters, receipts from purchases and regular notifications from other websites where you are a member. Filter settings helps to organize your messages into smaller portions to handle and manage email overload at the same time.


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