How To Cut Weekly Grocery Bills By at Least 20% in 2009.

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Saving money on groceries can add up to a significant amount over a six-month period if you know how to shop and how to save.  There are some sure steps that you can take to cut your food bill down by at least 20%.  A 20% savings can add up over a period of time.

 Most families probably shop for food each and every week.  Grocery bills may vary according to family size and type of food you buy.  Coupons have been around for decades however, it is more important during this troubled economy that we take advantage of any coupon or saving offer.  You can obtain store coupons through your Sunday newspaper or directly from the food store. 

 In addition to coupons, many grocery stores offer additional savings if you use their store saving card which is available at most grocery store courtesy counters.  Store shopping cards offer additional savings up to 15% in addition to any coupon offers.  The customer may also use store issued cards when writing a check for grocery purchases. 

 Double, triple coupon offers are not offered as frequently however they will save you even more money on certain food items.  Usually your local grocery store will advertise double or triple coupon savings prior to the availability. 

 Finally, many times the more you buy of certain items, the cheaper they are.  Grocery stores run can good sales as well as buy one get one free offers on some items.  Buy one get one free is a definite help when trying to cut your weekly grocery bills.  Also, try to cut back on purchasing junk food and soda.  Junk food and soda are no good for you and they can be a bit expensive if you buy them on a regular basis. 


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