Best Websites For New Writers and Publishers

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Attempting to break into the industry, as a writer can be difficult for those without a great deal of experience.  However, there are many helpful Internet resources that can assist the writer with gaining experience and connect with others with the same ambitions and career goals.

 I have found Writers Digest and Writers Market two of the most helpful resources for new writers and publishers.  These websites provide a great deal of information to help the new writer gain experience and expand their horizons within the industry.  In addition, the websites help other participants connect with more seasoned professionals that may prove to be helpful to those trying to break into the industry.  Please see and

 Additional helpful websites include Funds For Writers and Constant Content.  These websites allow the viewer to read about current news events and possible business opportunities within their geographic location.  Funds For Writers is especially helpful because it gives detailed information about monies available to help writers further their career and education.  Funds For Writers will also provide a certain amount of money for temporary relocation expenses.  You must apply through the website and they will ask you detailed personal information in order to process your request.  If interested please see and

 If you are looking to publish your first book, it may be wise to self-publish.  Self-publishing can be a great deal of work however, when you are starting out in the industry you may not have the money to invest with a publisher to promote your first book.  Publishers are supposed to pay the writer however, new writers are sometimes forced into paying the publisher due to lack of experience within the industry.  Publishers have no idea if a new writer will be able to sell their material and some are not willing to take the chance.     


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