Race Against Climate Change. Is it Too Late?

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Note: This article is an opinion only and should not be taken seriously)

World Leaders can’t agree on Climate Change

Climate Change — The new buzzword of Green politics. We are bombarded with it all the time. On TV, the papers, the radio.All we hear is ‘climate change’. I remember a few years ago, the buzzwords were ‘greenhouse effect’ and the ‘hole in the ozone layer’, what about ‘global warming’?.

Whatever happened to the horror story: The deadly rays from the ‘hole’ in the Ozone Layer?

I’m wondering what happened to the hole in the ozone layer, has it grown bigger and everyone has died already from the cosmic rays? Well no.All talk all fear and not even real.The gurus made us all believe we will all die from cancer if we didn’t do anything about the hole in the ozone layer.Just like religion, you are expected to believe because someone who knows more or television tells you, you are expected to listen, and ‘believe’ the latest buzz in town.There you go, in 20 years time, another ‘green’ word will emerge, maybe ‘Carbon mutation’, who knows, and ‘climate change’ would just be a long forgotten buzzword, like the lethal hole in the ozone layer has been at one stage, which nobody seems to talk about these days, yet at one time it was all the rage in the papers and tv so many times, you were wondering whether you had to leave Planet Earth to stop listening to it.

Leaked emails from Climate Institute.

How the new Wizards can ‘change’ climate and defraud the public as well.

Anyway, back to reality. We are told by the media that world leaders have got together in the beautiful Danish city of Copenhagen, home to poets and artists,  to agree on a policy of ‘climate change’. Wondering how humans are meant to get clouds to appear from nowhere, make the summer cooler, or change the seasons.Maybe some leaders who want to change the climate might get some ‘magical’ powers from attending Copenhagen, just like Merlin the Magician and dictate how the Sun moves around the Earth, so we don’t get so hot? Because to be real, we can’t change how natural phenomena wants to act.Wizards are also good at tricks of the mind, and none other work better than inducing ‘fear’ in their subjects, with talk of rising sea levels and global warming, which has been bombarded to the media for a number of years.

The revelations of ‘Climategate’, where emails from leading British East Anglia Institute, proved that a lot of misinformation has been deliberately fed to the public to support the claims of the new wizards of climate change, has indeed brought new perspective as to whether climate change is man made or not.

Read more about Climate Gate scandal here:  “ClimateGate: UN Investigating Hacked Emails”

Feudal Copenhagen. The powerful minority subjugates the majority.

Well, everyone thought that action on climate change was an act where everyone had an equal say in the matter. Think again. Third world countries and poor countries were outraged at the actions of the the rich countries drafting the Copenhagen accord without consulting them.Well, I thought those actions resembled more the actions of Medieval Kings and tyrants, where power and brute force dominated any sense of justice and equality for less disadvantaged, weaker nations.Guess that times will never change.

Attended by 130 world leaders, the summit has been troubled for the 2 weeks in has been running.The US and China were in disagreement over Copenhagen, which is believed responsible for the never ending story of not reaching a deal.

Sudanese official Lumumba Stanislas Dia-ping, who represents a group of 130 poor nations, denounced the US led agreement as a ‘suicide pact’ for Africa, whose purpose was ‘to maintain the economic dominance of a few countries’.The official also complained about how details were written behind closed door by major countries and not revealed in the conference.

The Sudanese official is not alone on how countries were left out of the climate monologue.Bolivia’s ambassador, Pablo Solon was unimpressed by how a few influential and powerful countries drew up the climate deal and excluded the rest of the nations out of it.Why should he be surprised if the priests of climate change don’t like any meaningful debate, only what suits their beliefs?

Climate Wizards demand 2 degrees lower temperatures. Would the climate obey their blind magic?

A new deal has been struck in Copenhagen, despite the opposition of nations who never agreed to the U.S. led deal , the new gurus of climate change are hoping that the deal will magically lower temperatures by 2 degrees. The only good thing about the deal is that is not binding, so that poorer countries can have a fairer say in how to run their affairs.Let’s see what the priests of climate change have planned next. Remote controlled rain perhaps? Carbon neutral volcanoes?


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