How to Compose a Valentine’s Day Love Poem For Your Sweetheart

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Make a list of all the reasons you love your sweetheart for your Valentine’s Day love poem.  Does he or she treat you with kindness and respect?  Is there something specific that he or she does to make your heart skip a beat?  How does he make you feel everyday about yourself?  Think of positive, loving attributes that your sweetheart possesses so you can incorporate these thoughts into your Valentine’s Day love poem.  Pick a few extra special reasons why you love him or her so much to add a touch of uniqueness to your Valentine’s Day love poem.  These reasons can be physical appearance, personal quality (inside beauty), and abilities your sweetheart carries.

Take a look at other love poems written by composers either on Valentine’s Day or in general.  The best writings come from example. When you are able to get ideas for your Valentine’s Day love poem by other writers, you will find yourself more comfortable composing a  love poem of your own.  Search online for great Valentine’s Day love poem ideas or in a book of poetry.  But, don’t copy what you see.  Instead, come up with your own creative Valentine’s Day love poem for your sweetheart.  The best gift comes from your heart and your own words.  If you can create a Valentine’s Day love poem of your own that tells your sweetheart how much you care, the gift will mean more than if you copied another poem and gave it to them.

Let go of the anxieties of writing a Valentine’s Day love poem.  Many people are afraid to write love poems for their sweethearts because they are afraid of being rejected, feeling dumb, or not doing the best job possible.  Remember that Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the love you feel for your sweetheart.  It is not a time of perfection or of worry that you will look silly.  True love means opening yourself up and wearing your heart on your sleeve.  If you can break down your wall and get past the anxiety of looking dumb to your sweetheart (which, if he or she truly loves you, you never would look silly), your Valentine’s Day love poem will be the most amazing gift your sweetheart ever received.  Believe it!

Write your Valentine’s Day love poem in short paragraphs, separated by double spaces.  Pick about 5 lines for each paragraph to tell your sweetheart how much you love him or her on Valentine’s day.  Your Valentine’s Day love poem should be around 5 paragraphs long (5 lines in each paragraph), but you can make it shorter or longer depending on what you would like to say to your sweetheart.  You can either choose to rhyme the love poem or not.  It’s completely up to you.  What’s nice about composing your own unique Valentine’s Day love poem is that you are the boss.  You choose what works best for telling your sweetheart how much you appreciate him or her on Valentine’s day.  Use the 5 lines, 5 paragraphs concept as a basis, but make the love poem any length you choose.

Hand write your love poem on unique stationary that shows your love on Valentine’s Day.  Some people choose to use calligraphy when writing Valentine’s Day love poems, but you can use plain pen as well.  Writing your love poem rather than typing it adds a special touch to the Valentine’s Day gift and lets your sweetheart know how much effort they are worth on this special day.  You can find all kinds of stationary in local stores or online.  Ones that offer hearts and content pertaining to love are great when composing Valentine’s Day love poems, although plain paper will do if you are not into being all fancy for your sweetheart.  Just be sure that your writing is clear and concise.  Proof read your Valentine’s Day love poem before giving it to your sweetheart.  There is nothing worse than putting all your time and effort into a special Valentine’s Day gift just to find you could have prevented errors and made it better if you only would have taken your time.


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