How to make a homemade heating pad

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Anyone who has experienced pelvic pain, backache, headache or menstruation cramps know how effective a heating pad can prove to be as far as reliving the pain is concerned. Not only this it is so relaxing to have one there always handy in times of need. To help you with having one here are two methods of making heating pads that you can easily make at home and that too within minutes:

Homemade Heating Pad – Method One:

You can make this heating pad at home within five to ten minutes all you need is:

Rice Tube socks Microwave Oven

How to Make:

The foot of the tube sock should be filled with rice. It is advised that you should not take instant rice for making a home made heating pad. Now tie the sock’s end by knotting it. Microwave the tube sock filled with rice at high temperature for 3 minutes. You can check the temperature by touching the tube socks if it is according to your requirement you can take the tube sock before or after the suggested time as different microwaves have different temperatures. Take the tube sock out and place it on the body part which is in pain. Beware the sock can be really hot so use a towel to wrap it up before placing it on any body part.

Homemade Heating Pad – Method Two:

This heating pad can be made by the following things:

Ziplock freezer Bag Ribbon Herbs Uncooked Rice

How to Make:

Get a ziplock freezer bag that can be micorwaved and fill it ¾ with herbs and close it. Microwave it fro 3 minutes and use it on the area of body which needs to be treated. You can also make a heating pad to soothe headaches by filling a tube sock or ziplock freezer bag with dried lavender leaves, cloves, betony, rose petals and cloves. This will be highly soothing in case of headaches and help you relieve them in a natural herbal way. This fragrant heating pad can be used to relieve pains in other parts of the body too. If you want the heating pad to have uniformly mixed filling, mix herbs with essential oil in the rice and seal it and use it after some days it will give the ingredients a uniform fragrance.

These fragrant heating pads are a wonderful way of relieving headaches or any other pain or for just relaxing after a long day.


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