How to make homemade cough medicine

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With the onset of winters, all we get to hear is sneezing, coughing and in no time we are the one doing just that. Everyone would appreciate a good homemade cough medicine than running to the medical store for the antibiotics. As the sweet tasting home made cough medicine is easy to take and is a favorite with children and adults both. All you need is:

Lemon Honey Garlic

How to Make Homemade Cough Medicine:

Squeeze out lemon juice from one lemon into a bowl. You can do this through a fork or use a citrus juicer. Make sure you are emptying the lemon completely by taking out all the juice. Take out the pulp too. The hot and dry qualities of a lemon are really helpful in reliving colds. Not only it cuts phlegm it heals you completely from colds and flu both while being highly effective for coughs.

Grate 3 cloves of garlic by using a fine grater and mix it with the lemon juice. The hot temperament of the garlic is also effective for phlegm and it is highly effective for disease related to throat and chest.

Measure honey that is equal to the lemon juice. Honey also dissolves phlegm. This natural preservative is effective against infections.

All of these ingredients should be mixed well and it is best to store the mixture in a glass jar as it will preserve for longer period of time. It can be refrigerated but it is best to store it on room temperature as it will have the best taste and most effectiveness at room temperature.

To add more taste to it, you can add ginger to this mixture too. Grate fresh ginger into it according to your taste.

Addition of cayenne to this mixture will make it more effective for fighting colds. However it will grow really hot in temperament by this addition. Add it only if you can take the heat.

Addition of ½ teaspoon of horehound whether fresh or dried will make it effective on colds too.

To add fragrance and taste to this cough medicine, you can add peppermint to it too. Use of fresh peppermint is recommended however if you do not have it you can also use the dried peppermint leaves.

You can also add wild cherry bark to this mixture. It will add to its potency and will make it more effective against all the illnesses related to cold.


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