Best ways to fight a cold

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A cold is what comes with winter season and is dreaded by all. You see people sneezing, coughing and sniffling all around you with slight change in the weather. No year goes by without people suffering from a cold.

IT is mainly due to the fast spreading germ that spreads from one person to the other as sneezing and coughing will produce cold germ that will attack any person that is around. The germ attacks the healthy person by entering the yes, mouth or nose. Touching anything with cold germs on it will also get you the infection pretty quick.

It is good to know what exactly cold is and how to fight instead of taking it lightly. You can save yourself from getting cold germs by actively taking preventive measures. No one will disagree that cold is an extremely uncomfortable thing which if can be avoided everyone will try avoiding it. To help you fight cold we have listed some points:

Wash your hands as much as you can to keep them clean. Use an anti bacterial soap for frequent hand washes to rid yourself of any germs you might be carrying because of touching an infected thing. 
There are several brands of anti bacterial lotions available which should be carried and should be used several times in a day. Use it when you can not wash your hands after touching a possibly infected thing or after coming in contact with a cold infected person. 

A tired and weakened body by fatigue is more prone to catching infections. Get enough rest and sleep so that your body is strong and less vulnerable to infections.

You can fight cold if you have caught it by:

Eat spicy foods as they will help you expel mucus by resulting into runny nose and cough. Like a harmless natural decongestant, spicy food will help you rid of cold germs as fast as possible. 
Get yourself plenty of liquids. Drink soups, juices, water and ginger ale so that your body is constantly hydrated. If you have fever due to cold, your body will loose a lot of liquids and you have to compensate them by taking lots of liquids. Drink liquids throughout your illness. 
Avoid dairy products as it stimulates mucus production and it will lead to cough. 

Use a vaporizer as it keeps the air moist.


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