What are heart palpitations?

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Heart palpitations are the heartbeat that makes you feel the heart pounding. It can be a continuous heartbeat or some stopped or skipped beats. It is the heart rhythm you get to feel and listen which can be continuous or disturbed. Heart palpitations can be felt at the throat, chest and neck.

The regular heart beat of a person is 60 to 100 per minute. Some of the medicines and exercise can reduce the heart beat to 55. A faster heart beat than 100 per minute are called Tachycardia. And any slower heart beat than 60 per minute are called bradycardia. There can be an occasional extra beat which is called extrasystole.

Palpitations are normal as long as you do not feel an uncomfortable feeling with an abnormal heart rhythm. You will have abnormal palpitations in cases of:

If you are diagnosed with aheart disease Possibility of heart diseases Problems related to heart valves Electrolyte abnormality factors

Causes of Heart Palpitations:

There are many causes of palpitations that are not normal, which are:

Stress and Anxiety Fear Caffeine and Nicotine Diet Pills Cocaine AnemiaThyroid Exercise Some kinds of medicines i.e. thyroid pills, beta blockers,asthma drugs etc. Heart diseases

By proper care you can have normal heart palpitations and reduce any risk of heart diseases by that.

Low intake of caffeine and nicotine Reducing stress producing factors and causes Following a daily exercise pattern or yoga

It is good to keep a record of the number of times you get abnormal palpitations as well as their own count. This information is what your physician will ask for as it will help him to determine the nature of the palpitations and their severity. If your doctor says there is nothing to worry about even if you have heart palpitations that are out of normal, it is good not to get worried about them. However it is a serious point of concern when you are already suffering from some sort of heart disease and you get palpitations.

When to Worry:

You should take immediate action and call emergency if due to heart palpitations you experience the following:

Loss of consciousness chest pain shortness of breath Excessive sweating headaches dizziness Pulse is more than 100 per minute although there is no apparent cause for that like anxiety, exercise or fever.

With proper care and knowledge of heart palpitations one can save himself from a couple of related conditions that might get fatal. It is always good to know about such minor things that can cause bigger issues if not cared for properly.


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