How to prevent excessive sweating

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Sweating is as natural as breathing, one sweats when does extraneous physical activity or is exposed to hot weather. It is the natural reaction of human body to exertion, fear, stress, heat. It also is a symptom of nausea, obesity, menopause, puberty and nervousness.

The sweat is a fluid that contains water, urea, sodium chloride, lactate and minerals. The sweat glands in human bodies are responsible for the production of the sweat. Approximately each human body has 5 million sweat glands that are distributed all over the human body and in the skin.

Sweat is produced when the body heats up and wants to cool down under high temperatures or strenuous work. It is also a means of excretion of wastes in the body. As it can be seen that the sweat is not only water but has some solute in it too.  It is very normal to sweat so there is nothing to worry about if you sweat normally. However excessive sweating is something that is to worry about and it needs to be controlled. You can take following measures to help your body sweat in a normal way to save yourself from the discomfort and embarrassment excessive sweating causes:

There can be many causes to excessive sweating; one can be the products you are using. You can use an antiperspirant instead of a simple deodorant to make your glands stop sweating. Check the product carefully and see if it only a deodorant or an antiperspirant too.

The color of the clothing is also important when it comes to excessive sweating. Go for light colors and loose fitting clothes so that you have better circulation of air inside your clothes and the light colors do not make the sweat marks all too obvious if you can not help but sweat.

If you sweat extensively, avoid wearing artificial fibers as they restrict airflow by sticking to the skin. Cotton is best to provide you ventilation so it can be worn as an inner layer of clothing if you have to wear silks or artificial fibers like polyester etc.

Purchase an antiperspirant that has aluminum chloride in it. It helps with sweat control as it blocks sweat pores and restricts its flow. The rumors that it causes breast cancer are baseless so do not worry about them.

Excessive sweating is although an issue but with the above mentioned points you can easily prevent and control them.


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