McDonald’s and Global Marketing

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With advertising concepts being developed with the global market place in mind, many corporations are developing products and services geared for international customers.  McDonald’s is now a global corporation in 119 countries and an example to follow for corporations trying to make the global transition.

Leading the way in this trend is McDonald’s.  By accommodating the tastes of the variety of culturally diverse customers, McDonald’s has succeeded in stepping into the global marketplace.

Customized Menus & Restaurants


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McDonald’s has over 31,000 restaurants worldwide in 119 different countries. With this kind of distribution the demographic variations must be staggering. McDonald’s is in the process of streamlining their restaurants to cater to the types of people who most likely to be customers in each individual nation. By tailoring their menus and restaurants to seamlessly integrate them into the social standards within each nation, they have succeeded in globalizing their corporation.

American Pop Culture


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Social trends in America are being catered to as well. A number of restaurants are being remodeled so don’t be surprised if you walk into one and find that it looks completely different. The famous golden arches will become more slanted and have a more muted tone of color. A muted green color will be added to the golden arches as well. Menus are geared around each country’s eating habits offering customized menus.

Modernized Interior Design


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The interior will be divided into three distinct areas geared to attract multiple demographic segments of population. WiFi will even be available for the “Starbucks crowd”. Plasma TVs will be in another area geared for families by creating a dining area that is attractive every member. It will also continue to add healthier items to its menu, leaning more to chicken and higher quality ingredients

By adapting to the new global trends, McDonald’s has been able to come into the global arena and lead the pack.

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