The Tattered Dress

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“The Tattered Dress”

 She wore a tattered dress

And a blue bonnet on her head

Her gloves torn

And worn

From wearing them year after year.

Her face pale from lack of sleep

As she carefully and slowly her coffee she sips.

A cardboard box is her bed,

Still she stands proudly with the bonnet on her head,

Ankle swollen from walking aimlessly down the street,

In sneakers exposing half her feet.

The red shopping cart hold all her memories,

She pushes it with pride and dignity.

She pulls an old sweater from her cart,

And presses it against her heart,

The one thing not stolen from her past

She smile as the sweater she caress

She enters her home,

The park the only place she knows.

And gently she places herself on a bench

Exhausted she wipes her forehead that is drench

But Still the woman with the tattered dress

And blue bonnet on her head

Feeds the birds with a piece of bread

She discovered in a garbage can.

Her frail body gets up again

And with great sorrow and pain

Slowly she walks away

Thanking God for another day,

She places the sweater back in the cart,

For one day she knows from it she will depart.

And leave her space to someone else,

The cardboard box, the tattered dress

The blue bonnet on her head,

Her memories will be stories never told

About the park her only home.

So for today she wears a smile,

The homeless woman will walk for miles,

She’ll walk aimlessly down the street

With old sneakers exposing her feet.

To find a place where she can eat.

At the soup kitchen she meets her friend,

She compliments her about her dress

And the blue bonnet on her head.

But it’s the reflection of herself

A life that is daily rehearsed.

I passed that woman on the street,

And then I noticed it was me.

By: Toni Love

“How many homeless women have you passed in the street and truly thought to yourself, let me help because that old woman could be me”.  Homelessness doesn’t have to be, but it’s a fact of life.  God Bless!


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