The "P" and "Q" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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It’s a great big truck! With a ramp on its back! It can hold other vehicles on its back! What more do you need to know? Oh yeah, it can also be fun by using that big ramp for jumps with a motorcycle.
Speed and handling: Being a huge truck, the Packer can take lots of damage. It’s speed is not good, and it’s very difficult to take around corners because of its weight and length. If you’re going to drive a Packer around a lot of corners, your best bet is to drive slow and be prepared to do a lot of backing up.
Locations:Sometimes the Packer can be found around airports and dock districts, but I’ve found the most luck seeing on in northern Las Venturas, especially near the military fuel depot.


This is a big SUV. It looks something like a Hummer. The military sometimes drives them in San Andreas.
Speed and handling: The Patriot has fair speed, but it really shines when taken off road. This thing is great for climbing steep inclines and the like, but it won’t go absolutely everywhere like up the side of a cliff! It’s handling, also, is quite awesome. So, this is a great vehicle for hitting the dirt. And it is quite hardy, able to take plenty of bangs, bumps and bombs.
Locations:There is usually a Patriot parked near the end of the dock of the naval base in San Fierro, but you will get a four or five star wanted level as soon as you enter the base. The airstrip at Area 69 also has a Patriot, but again, you will be attacked. Sometimes you can find one at Easter Bay Chemicals just Southeast of San Fierro, but it’s not always there. Otherwise, good luck finding one.


Based upon a real-life Suzuki, this motorcycle is a pretty good one to have in San Andreas.
Speed and handling:Has very good speed and acceleration, though not quite the fastest motorcycle in the game. The handling is solid, but as always, it’s difficult to control anything going that fast. If you’re going any speed faster than slow, your character is probably going to get thrown off the bike, even with a fairly high biking skill.
Locations:The PCJ-600 is the most common motorcycle in the cities, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one. One almost always spawns in Verdant Meadows near the entrance to the airstrip safe house.


This is an old station wagon, based upon a Chevy Nova from the early 1960s. Once you drive it, you’ll probably never want to again.
Speed and handling: It starts off slow and it pretty much stays that way. At least it steers alright, but what else could you expect when you’re going that slow? A bit top heavy, so it flips over easier than you’ll like.
Locations:The Perennial is a common vehicle, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. It seems most common in Los Santos, especially around the Ganton district.


The Phoenix looks like a Trans-Am from the 1970s. It’s a good muscle car to drive.
Speed and handling: This is a very fast automobile, one of the fastest in the game and right up there with the Bullet. It’s steering is also very solid, making this a great car for trying out tight corners and such.
Locations:The Phoenix is a very rare vehicle in San Andreas, but there are ways to get it. The easiest is to start the racing missions in San Fierro, then find the mission that features the Phoenix and drive the Phoenix to one of your garages; of course this means you will lose the race, but at least you’ve got a cool car. Also, it hardly ever happens, but once in a while I’ve seen a Phoenix cruising around Richman in Los Santos and up by the golf course in Las Venturas.


Want to drive one of those old El Caminos from the early 1970s? Here is your chance, because that’s pretty much what a Picador is.
Speed and handling: The Picador has solid overall speed, and its takeoff speed isn’t too bad. But the handling could use lots of improvement. Hit a pole? Be prepared to have your Picador tossed all over the place. Trying to take a hard turn? Don’t bet on it, because the back end of your vehicle will slide all over the place.
Locations:There is nearly always a Picador parked in the driveway next to Ryder’s house on Grove Street, but it’s pretty common to see one of these being driven around Los Santos.

Pizza Boy

It’s a moped for delivering pizzas. Basically, its a Faggio used by The Well Stacked Pizza Co. within San Andreas.
Speed and handling:Drives just like a Faggio, slow without a lot of pop. It’ll get you around.
Locations:Not a very common vehicle. There is sometimes one cruising around the pizza stores, and I’ve seen a few hopping along down by the docks in Los Santos.

Police Car

Yep, you guessed it, this is the car driven by police. And one of the cool things in San Andreas is that the car looks a little different in each of the cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. The main difference is the letters on the side of the car are different. By the way, this is one of the best overall land vehicles in the game. Also, when your character hops into a Police Car, he gains a pump shotgun with five shots.
Speed and handling:Great speed and acceleration, though not quite as good as the top sports cars, like an Infernus or Cheetah. But, in my opinion, the Police Car handles better than the sports cars and can take most sharp turns and bumpy rides. Also, though it’s no tank or big-rig truck or bus, this car can take a fair amount of punishment.
Locations: If you can’t find a police car in San Andreas, you must be blind. They’re just about everywhere in the cities. Now, admittedly out in the countryside or desert or mountains you will have a hard time finding one of these vehicles, but there are still plenty of police around in Rangers or some other vehicle. Also, in all the cities, you can usually find a Police Car parked at an impound lot.

Police Maverick

This is the helicopter used by the police in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Speed and handling: The Police Maverick, being the law enforcement version of the Maverick, is relatively easy to fly. It turns easy enough and has fair speed, but it’s nowhere near the fastest air vehicle in the game. Rumor is there’s a spotlight on the Police Maverick and this spotlight can be controlled by the player, but I’ve yet to attempt this. Anyone else tried it?
Locations:There is usually a Police Maverick atop the police station in Los Santos after you have your pilots license. Also, if you get a three-star wanted level, at least one of these will come after you and will start shooting at you more and more as your wanted level increases.


This is a basic van. It can hold up to four people.
Speed and handling: The Pony has decent speed, but it wobbles all over the place and thus isn’t very dependable. If you want a vehicle that flips over easily on bumpy rides and hills, you can’t find much better.
Locations:The Pony can be found most often down by the docks in any city and in San Fierro’s Doherty district.


The Predator is the boat used by the police in San Andreas. It’s a pretty good boat.
Speed and handling: It’s got some speed, and handles well, able to make pretty sharp turns fairly easily, but it’s not quite as good as some of the speed boats in the game. But one great thing is there are two guns attached to the front of the Predator, so have fun blowing up other boats!
Locations: Under normal circumstances, the Predator isn’t usually sitting around. But if you get at least a two-star wanted level on the water, the cops show up in a Predator and will begin shooting at you. You could try to steal a Predator then, but good luck. Most boats don’t seem able to take much damage, and the cops can dish out plenty of it in the Predator before you get a chance to get to their boat.


This vehicle looks like a Chevy Caprice from the early 1990s, which fits the time period of the game perfectly.
Speed and handling: This is truly one of the best all-around civilian cars in San Andreas. It has good speed, good acceleration, top handling, and it can take a solid amount of damage. It’s not tops in any of those categories, but it does rate high in all of them.
Locations:The Premier is very common just about anywhere in San Fierro, so drive around there for a while and you’ll find one. Otherwise, it’s a relatively rare vehicle in the countryside and the other cities, though I have seen them in Los Santos around Rodeo and in Las Venturas along The Strip (but only rarely).


Kind of looks like an older Honda Prelude.
Speed and handling: Don’t take this sucker to a shootout. Really, it’ll get blown up real quick. Can’t take the damage. Also, the speed and acceleration here are average at best, so no quick getaways. At least the handling is decent, but that’s probably because you won’t be going very fast anyway.
Locations:I’ve seen the Doherty quite commonly in San Fierro, especially downtown and in Doherty. Still, I’ve seen it on rare occasion in the other cities.


The Quad is an all-terrain vehicle sort of like a motorcycle with four wheels and four-wheel drive. Also like on a motorcycle, you can shoot forward while driving the Quad.
Speed and handling: This little vehicle has decent speed, but its steering is kind of sloppy. It will go in the direction you want it to, but often it will go too far. The controls take some getting used to. The Quad is great for going off road. In fact, I think it’s better in dirt than it is on pavement and blacktop because it’s a little easier to control on a rough surface.
Locations:This vehicle doesn’t normally appear on roads, but there are a number of them parked in various areas, usually in the countryside. Sometimes you can find a Quad parked beneath a bridge at the border between Back O’Beyond and Flint County near a swampy area. In northern Bone County in Las Payasadas you can find a Quad in a trailer park. There’s also a Quad near a farm in Dillimore and near a barn in Blueberry Acres.

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