Alien saving the Earth (The Day The Earth Stood Still)

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“I come here to save The Earth.” The best statement said by an alien who claimed to be the friend of The Earth, is also the most important message given by the movie. Is human really the biggest enemy of The Earth that even aliens are troubled to come and save the planet from us?

For the concept of environmental protection, I think the inspiration from “The Happening” is more convincing; at least plants are under the threat of human beings, while none of these seems affects an alien much. Why would aliens concern so much about the planet?

In this movie, general disaster scenes are not impressive as most films of such kind, although the innovative idea of bugs destroying everything is quite magnificent, normally audience would expect scenes like people running away from every direction and building dropping down here and there.

It seems weird for a movie without any love plot, but the one in this movie remains almost un-developed. The main focus goes to the relationship between a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson (Jaden Smith) which maybe the storyteller thinks that attracts an alien most (but not audience like me).

I must say I am quite disappointed watching this movie, the scenes were not tremendous as expected; the ideas were not developed as expected; the sentiments were not touching as expected; even Keanu Reeves was not attractive as expected (Looks like a wooden alien without any emotion at all, the only thing interesting maybe Keanu Reeves learnt to say a few Chinese words).


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