The Quilt

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The Quilt

The women sit around sewing, each stitch honoring the next. The quilt with it’s triangles, squares and rectangles shapes takes their breath away. With each threaded needle and hands clasping them like great harpoons they start their journey toward their accomplishment. The determined women strangely enough strangers continue their quest. They convene every week at the same time to perform the task that they vigorously work on so that it will lay on the great lawn in Central Park.

They sit quietly as they open their sewing kit making sure they haven’t forgotten anything, they smile and look at each other with approval. They hand each other pieces of cloth matching them perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Their hand sore from pushing and pulling the needle they do not give up. With each patch, some off color: a name, a picture, or a saying was place carefully in the center of each perfectly cut piece of cloth.

Time was of the essence and they worked diligently with every minute that past. No one said a word and the clock that hung on the wall above the door seemed to be invisible. They did not look at the clock because it would only slow them down.

You see these women were not meeting for a cup of coffee and indulging themselves in common gossip, they were on a mission. There was no time for selfishness or laziness.

These women were sewing for their children, distant relatives, significant other, best friends, and people they didn’t even know. This quilt was going to reach and touch as many people as it could. The hard work didn’t matter, they toiled for hours without a whisper, but for an occasional, pass me a triangle please. Their determination was all that mattered. The mission to make people aware and understand. After months of inspirational labor the quilt was finished.

The day was here and Central Park was mobbed with on lookers astonished at all the great work that was neatly place on the great lawn almost filling it to it’s capacity.

Then it was their turn to show off their labor of love, with great care the quilt was spread displaying the names, pictures and sayings like if it was the work of Michaelangelo or perhaps Di Vince. They were of ordinary people like you and I.

The title read, “With Our Love Rest In Peace”. This was not an ordinary quilt, it was there to honor those who died of Aids. At the bottom was written, “God Bless And Keep You Safe”.

The blistered fingers and raw hands reddened from sewing gently and proudly applaud as they sat beside their wonderful work. Forever I will remember these women sitting around the quilt like the knights of the round table. They were knights alright contributing to the fight against the spread of Aids, making sure no one will be forgotten like a fallen soldier.

Their hard work did not go unnoticed, the quilt went on to win awards and every year new quilts are sewn and displayed on the great lawn in Central Park where everyone can come together as one and honor those who by the circumstances of life were removed from earth and moved to a better place.


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